The Day Job Production FAQ

How do I schedule an interview for myself or my band?

If you have not discussed this with me please send us an email at:

Once discussed, click the following link and select any time that is available:

What equipment is used in the production process?


I use two Canon EOS Rebel T7i DSLR cameras and a GoPro Hero 7. Soft boxes are placed as needed for lighting.



We will use two or three Audio Technica AT2020 microphones. Recordings are tracked directly into Logic Pro X, later to be edited and mixed there as well.


Final Cut Pro X

What Topics are allowed?

We are open to discussing any topic. Religion, politics, science,'s all fair game. Not all guests are comfortable with all topics. If you have any topics you want to avoid please notify us in advance.

Is this a live broadcast?

No. The loss in audio and video quality with my current broadcast configuration is noticable. Additionally, I do not have a staff to help produce these episodes. Pre-recorded episodes allow us to maintain a higher quality, edit out any undesirable moments, and allows me to this show with minimal overhead.

WIll I get to see a draft edit of my episode

before it is released?

Ideally, yes. I typicaly edit these episodes within the week of release with intent to provide a draft to the guest. As my workload fluctuates my ability to operate within this timeframe also fluctuates. A milestone for this show would be to contract the video editing work to a vendor. If you know any awesome video editors send them my way!

How does Altman Studios promote Each Episode?

Our release calendar is currently weekly on Fridays at 9:00am on the Altman Studios YouTube channel (please subscribe). A blog entry containing the video will be added to the Altman Studios website at 9:15am (please like this blog entry), and an advertisement for the episode (linking to the blog) will be posted on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter at 9:30am.


Please follow Altman Studios on these platforms:





The episode will be shared in many groups on Facebook and by my personal page.

We remain open to marketing suggestions and encourage you to reach out to discuss.

How can we (the guests) help promote the show?

Like and subscribe to all release platforms:





Like and share all related posts.

Share the blog post on your personal pages.


Share it in any groups you are active in that will allow it.


Share it on any other social platforms you are actively growing.

Share the episodes more than once.


Tell your friends about the episode via messages or calls.

Share past and future episodes (each regular viewer earned benefits all guests).

Provide constructive feedback regarding improvements that can be made to the show's format, graphics, and/or promotion.

Stay in touch! This is a busy world and it's tough to maintain friendships. Let's try!

When will my episode release?

Our current schedule for filming and episode release is as follows:

If you do not see your episode listed, it is because the release date has not been yet scheduled. As the day nears we will continue to update the schedule on this page.

I have another question that isn't listed here.

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