Revision Policy

  1. (2) revision cycles are included in project quotes only. A revision cycle is the request of revisions by the client and the return of the revised audio to the client. Additional revision cycles will be billed at our standard hourly rate in (15) minute increments. Revision cycles are not included for clients who book by the hour.

  2. Clients who book studio time by the hour may submit revision requests to, to be billed at our standard hourly rate in (15) minute increments.

  3. Text message, Facebook messenger, and all other communication platforms are not the correct place to submit revision requests. Revision requests submitted via these platforms will not be acknowledged.

  4. Revision requests will be worked in the order they are received and within (5) business days. Heavy workloads may add delays.

  5. Valid revisions:

    • Automation, gain, panning, EQ, and/or effects

    • Clipping or other audio issues caused by our handling (issues created by other parties are not covered under this policy)

    • Time and pitch correction (if included in project)

  6. Invalid revisions:

    • Additional samples

    • Retracks

    • Revising work items or issues that were performed by other parties

  7. Questions about items that may or may not be included in the revision cycle can be sent to:



“Great guy, very professional and easy to work with. Highly recommended!!!”

Kate F. ★★★★★

“Friendly and professional. Great guy that does great work!”

Jeff A. ★★★★★

“I have worked with Brian for almost over 7 years. He is very professional, detailed, creative, smart, ethical, easy to work with and high energy. So much fun to work with him. Highly recommend him for any project anytime.”

Max A. ★★★★★


“My first time ever recording and Brian made me feel motivated and comfortable. He gave good advice in ways I can improve my delivery. Thank You.”

Shawn N. ★★★★★

“Professional, talented and knows his business!”

Diana S. ★★★★★

“I've had the pleasure of hearing the incredible finished music coming from Altman Studios, and I know what a dedicated man Brian is through and through. I recommend him to all the musicians I have the pleasure of promoting!!!”

Robyn W. ★★★★★

“Brian is one the most professional individuals I’ve worked with. He has a real understanding of how sound should be recorded and mixed. His talent as a producer is matched by his charisma. For a Genuine experience Altman studios is the go-to!!!”

Joe R. ★★★★★

“Went to Altman Studios to lay down vocals over some previously recorded music and was very satisfied with the end result. Will definitely be returning to the studio to work with Brian on future projects.”

Damian L. ★★★★★

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