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Starting a Podcast From Home - What Gear Do You Need?

(This is part two in a series of three blogs)

Part 1

Clocked In With The Press

I'm going to be totally honest: you can absolutely start a podcast with very basic equipment and use that setup for a long time.

To record a podcast you need:

  • Microphone(s)

  • Audio Interface

  • Recording Software

That's it! It really is that simple!

Of course the next question is: how do you know what microphone, interface, and software to buy or use? Here are my suggestions for beginners.

  1. A great starter microphone that I have used extensively in the past is the Audio Technica AT2020. There is also a USB version, but I would only recommend it if you are only recording a single microphone. If the price is outside your budget, you can always look on Facebook Marketplace or Ebay for a used model!

  2. You need an audio interface to convert the signal from your microphone into a digital file that can be stored. A USB interface is your best bet as they are compatible with pretty much all computers. If you are using two microphones or less, I recommend the Focusrite Scarlet 2i2. If you need more than 2 microphones, this is not the guide for you. Click here to schedule a call with our production manager so we can best help you.

  3. The last piece is your recording software. There is a free tool that works on all operating systems which is PERFECT for new podcasters called Audacity. You don't need anything fancy - just something that allows you to hit record and get started!

Once you've acquired your hardware and software, the next step is to put your system together and start using it! That will be the subject of our next blog.

However, if you're ready to get started now, or if you just have questions, schedule a discovery call with us and we will accelerate your podcast startup:

Talk soon!

Brian Altman

Brian Altman

Owner, Altman Studios


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