Owner's Update III - May 12, 2021

Friends, colleagues, and clients,

I can’t believe we are already into May! It’s almost been 1 month since the studio’s April 16 soft opening, and it was an extremely eventful month. We have added several new clients to our catalogue, all of whom I am very excited to be working with. Lots of country, which is a fun change! We’ve also been fortunate to establish many critical partnerships in the local and musical communities, many of whom will play critical roles in the future profits and successes of the business.

Speaking to my pre-construction clients: gratitude to you for your patience and for the honor of your loyalty. Your support was a daily inspiration to me. I recognize that my communications during construction were not consistent, so in an effort to remedy that I will be sending out this weekly communication.

The activity in the studio is growing slowly…which is a good thing! I still have a large amount of non-revenue producing activity that must be performed daily, the most critical of which I detail below. I only ask all of my active clients to please grant me patience while I navigate these new waters of commercial business ownership. It is imperative that I establish systems and processes that enable the studio to become maximally functional, the most pressing of which is bringing outside assistance in to help with critical administrative tasks.

Capacity Issues and Staffing

Many of you know that my former assistant Darren no longer works at Altman Studios. It was a mutual decision for us to part ways and we remain on amicable terms. The absence of an assistant is definitely felt, though - I am at the peak of my own personal capacity.

This means that the most critical need of the studio is expanding its productive capacity. I am seeking to accomplish this by establishing mutually profitable partnerships with experts who believe in the mission of the business. The details of the roles these partners will play in the business will be discussed in detail in future correspondence.

Unfortunately, today I am still heavily overloaded, which is causing a heavy delay in my turn-arounds. This will likely be the case for several weeks as the studio continues to integrate critical consultants and partners. I will, of course, continue to update you all weekly.

Hardware Issues

When it rains it pours! 2 of our 3 audio interfaces have experienced critical failures, reducing our maximum simultaneous inputs to 8. This is another top priority problem. Both units are being replaced by the manufacturers, but the process of replacement may take several weeks. This means I need to find a short term solution to accommodate my clients planning to book studio time.

I am exploring leasing equipment temporarily, or possibly buying new interfaces and selling the replacement units when they arrive. Regardless of what ends up making the best business sense, I am hoping to be back to a full 24 inputs by the end of next week (5/21). Shipping speed and product availability are the most relevant factors affecting whether or not this is unachievable, but I will do my best to meet that goal.

Construction Status

Though the construction phase is technically “finished”, there remains many outstanding construction items that must be performed.

  1. The soldering of connectors in our MIDI and TS panels will be finished when the last of our custom panels arrive.

  2. The control room Ethernet panels need to be mounted flush to the wall.

  3. Drywall patching needs to be performed around several outlet openings.

  4. We will be adding 2 layers of drywall to the ceiling within the next several months.

  5. The need for additional ventilation in several rooms is also an issue that needs to be addressed.

  6. Paint touch-ups are required throughout the studio.

  7. Additional sound proofing needs to be applied to multiple locations.

  8. TVs need to be mounted.

  9. Sound treatment needs to be applied.

  10. Decorations need to be hung.

  11. I want to put a shower in the rear room.

There is no shortage of work to do around here! We are currently trading studio time for volunteer labor, so let us know if you want to come help out!

Current Workload

My workload currently consists of the following:

  • (3) Single productions

  • (3) Mix and masters

  • (2) Remasters

  • (3) Compositions

  • (3) Artist coordination efforts

  • (1) Weekly Bass student

This does not include the many projects that are still in the discussion phase

As expected, I am behind on a lot of this. Digging out of this backlog is my #1 priority, so I ask again that you remain patient as I apply myself to the task.

Community Updates

Altman Studios was opened downtown in Brentwood because I wanted to the studio to play a visible role in the community. My first contribution to this effort was running sound during the Motoring in May cruise in Downtown Brentwood on May 8 put on by RPM Records. Huge thanks to Sandro Costa of Full Force Sound as well for the very generous donation of live sound equipment. My all measures the event was a great success, and Smoke (the band who performed), was VERY impressive!

The studio intends on expanding our community involvement by offering programs on audio production targeted towards the younger generation. Many parents and friends have expressed a desire to have something like this locally, so we intend to fill this need. More updates to come as this effort develops!

Upcoming Plans

I have so much more that I want to do! I have a tendency to take on too much (ya think?), but I am making an effort to phase in many of the additional businesses and services I want to offer over the next 6-12 months. As much as I want to share what these plans are, they are still changing quite a bit day to day, so until they are more clearly defined I am going to hold back on making any firm announcements other than this one word hint:



Thank you to everyone who supports this studio. Your investment in the success of this business bears fruit daily, to the benefit of many. I will continue to put effort towards growing our operations to full capacity, looking forward to the day when the studio operates like a well-oiled machine!

Please feel free to stop by the studio and say hi! Our address and contact information can be found in my signature below. In the meantime, if I don’t talk to you personally, I will talk to you next week in my next studio update.

Take care, and stay productive!

Brian Altman

Owner – Altman Studios

817 1st St

Brentwood, CA 94513

(925) 308-3788