Downtown Brentwood’s Recording Studio Supports the Community at the Local Car Show

Altman Studios + Full Force Sound & Light Production donate to support local band Smoke during Motoring in May event.

By: Stephanie Santolo

Purple spiked hair frontman Ivan Sang rocked an in-your-face performance on guitar and vocals. He engages the crowd with energy reminiscent of British punk rejecting contemporary mainstream rock. Drummer Ty Douglas (of local Brentwood record store RPM Records), bassist Isaac Rucker, and Tasker Goldston took the stage, May 8th in Downtown Brentwood at the local car show ‘Motoring in May’.

The band, Smoke, has played over 200 shows representing the broader culture of youth in 2021 and their music predecessors. Their live act was loud and on point showing out for a huge crowd. Is this the beginning of the post-pandemic music scene in Brentwood? We may be on the precipice of a musical and cultural revolution following the uplift of restrictions and the return of live music. But where is going to happen?

Video killed the radio star. Did it kill the local music scene?

Well, music in the age of technology certainly has dispersed the in-person scene. Throw a pandemic on top of that and it effectively rendered the local scene non-existent. Is the notion of a local scene dead? Do bands care about their local fans coming to local shows anymore? Is all that matters really likes, followers, and engagements online? Will you make it big if your video goes viral? Do you just have to jump on SoundCloud and boom - it’s easy, you become famous overnight? Is that how it happens?

Mike Rucker, a local Brentwood police officer and President of PAL (Police Activities League) and Jason Douglas of RPM Records organized the “Motoring in May” event with the support of Steve Stellini, car club organizer. The event was a huge success and an example of the collaboration that happens among community members here in Brentwood, CA. Folks like this support the youth of the community in a positive way.

Altman Studios is a local recording studio that supports collaboration of creatives in the community to help musicians reach their full potential. Brian Altman, founder of Altman Studios, donated his time to run the sound and help these local youth musicians unleash their passion. Brian collaborated with Sandro Costa of Full Force Sound who donated all of the equipment to make this show happen.

Altman Studio’s is located at 817 1st St in Downtown Brentwood, CA visit

Stephanie Santolo is Altman Studios Community Outreach Director. Stephanie engages and educates the community about Altman Studios and its goals. She can be reached at

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