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*NEW VIDEO* Brian Altman - Fall in Line (Seventh Wonder Cover)

Fall in Line

Written by Seventh Wonder

Performed by Brian Altman

Seventh Wonder has had a significant impact on my playing and music taste. Mercy Falls, a true masterpiece, was the first record I heard by them and it blew my mind. Then I heard Waiting in the Wings and I would say that's in my top 5 all time favorite records. All of their albums are great.

Fall in Line is a song taken from the middle of the Mercy Falls album story, where the main character (who is in a coma) is trying to save the dream town his subconscious is living in from a storm (which is his subconscious representation of his family about to pull his plug in the hospital). Or something like that. It's wild.

Anyways, I didn't actually intend to cover this song to be honest. I was looking for the tablature for another song of theirs and I accidentally downloaded this one. I fell in love with it though and committed myself to learning it. It was a CHALLENGE, let me tell ya. I hope I did it justice. Huge props to guitarist Johan Liefvendahl. Dude plays and writes with the best of them. As does every member in Seventh Wonder.

Thanks for watching!

Seventh Wonder - Fall in Line

Seventh Wonder


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