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Altman Studios: Who Are We, What Do We Do, and Where Are We Going?

Altman Studios is a recording studio owned and operated by Brian Altman (me) which offers a wide variety of audio, video, and media services, primarily:

  • Music Production

  • Podcast Production

  • Mixing & Mastering

  • Live Audio Engineering

  • Video Production

  • Video Editing

  • Social Media Management

  • Studio Construction Consultations

The answer to this question has evolved frequently over the years. You see, when I first started taking clients in 2015, I must admit that I did not fully understand how to operate and monetize a recording studio. At that time I had minimal experience working in a professional recording studio, I hadn't been formally educated, and I was still very much honing my skills as an audio professional. All I knew was that I wanted to make records, and that meant I needed to learn to 1) produce high quality audio recordings, and 2) edit, mix, and master them. It had not occurred to me that a recording studio could offer a great many more services beyond this.

Throughout the years, opportunities have presented themselves that I found interesting and did not want to pass on. This led me deeper into video and podcast production, live audio engineering, and social media management - all of which I enjoy, and all of which I had not foreseen adopting as part of my service portfolio. These newer services came about naturally as I made more connections with local business owners and audio professionals. Now Altman Studios has regular customers in each of these business lines - and I'm thankful!

As you can imagine, managing such a diverse product portfolio on my own has it's challenges and limitations. My ultimate intention is to unify all of these services into a cohesive package to offer clients and assemble a reliable staff to help me implement that service suite at scale. As I work towards that goal, I will continue to offer my very best skills and services to my existing and future clients.

I do have availability in my schedule for new projects and clients! If you're looking to rent the studio for audio or video production, you can do so using our online scheduling tool here:

For everyone else, click below to schedule a discovery call with me so we can discuss your project and how Altman Studios can best help you:

Thanks for reading, and I hope to meet and hang out with you soon!


Brian Altman

Owner, Altman Studios


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