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Are you ready to learn more about
Audio and Video Production?

Become an Altman Studios Certified Assistant Engineer!

Not All Recording Locations Are Equal

Our audio and video production course is designed for students aged 12-18 who are interested in learning about audio and video production. If your child is involved in music, theater, or film, this course will be especially beneficial for them. But even if they want to work on their own independent projects, they will have the opportunity to learn from and network with peers they would not normally interact with.


Don't Struggle At Home on your own

In today's world, it's becoming increasingly important for students to understand how to operate audio and video equipment. From school performances to church environments and social media content, a basic to advanced understanding of audio and video technicals can add value to whatever production they are taking part in.

The Mind Behind Altman Studios

My name is Brian Altman, and I’m the guy behind Altman Studios. For over 15 years, I have been in corporate America, working as a telecommunications engineer, project manager, software designer, operations manager, and business analyst.


My passion for music has always burned strong. I am a virtuoso guitarist and bassist, performing internationally. I am also a podcast producer, videographer, video editor, studio consultant, and live engineer.


In 2019, I focused entirely on audio, video, and freelance projects, with a mission to support musicians in realizing their dreams. My proudest accomplishment is being a father to my two wonderful teenagers.


Don’t Let Anything Hold You back
From your highest potential!

From the pre-production process to the final recording, we will support you, offering professional feedback and suggestions for the perfect outcome. Our team will handle any arising issues and ensure your sessions are organized, efficient, and enjoyable.

Safe & Conveniently

Altman Studios is the only commercial studio in the area, offering exceptional recording experiences to musicians. Its fully stocked kitchen will keep you fueled in the long run, while its safe parking space close to stores and restaurants will save you from the parking headache.

Find Your
Creative Sanctuary

Our studio is a unique space carefully designed to open the door for more creativity and help you increase the enjoyment of recording. Let yourself relax, and your creative juices flow in a calming ambiance that will spark your musical artistry.

Fully Equipped
Studio You Deserve

Our studio boasts a large living room that can easily accommodate full-band recordings, an isolation vocal booth, and a comfortable control room. Use any of our guitars, basses, synthesizers, microphones, analog gear, amplifiers, speakers, pedals, and multiple other tools to master your recordings.

More Than Just A Studio:
We Are Your Recording Assistants, Biggest Supporters & Lifelong Friends

Trust A Recording Studio That Captures Your Vibes & Can Take Your Projects To The Next Level

Why Choose Us?

Our Studio Is Suitable For Podcasts & Voice Overs Besides Music Projects.

Leverage Our Extensive Music Experience & Premium Facilities To Produce Jaw Dropping Music.


We Partner Up With You & Help You Deliver The Best Music Performance Possible.


We Take Our Job Seriously & Dedicate All Our Energy Into Our Clients And Their Projects.


Need help figuring out what you need?

Schedule a FREE 15 minute consultation call with one of our experienced staff and we will help you figure out how to best complete your project.

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