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This studio was built for YOU


Hi! I'm Brian Altman,
owner of Altman Studios!

I opened this studio to give YOU - the independent musician - the best recording experience of your life.


If you're like most other independent musicians you are working with a limited budget and time availability, and you are ​probably OVERWHELMED by the amount of work you have to do to get your music out to the world.

I'm a musician too, so I know how you want to spend the majority of your time: writing, recording, and performing your music, and connecting with your audience. The other things are just distractions from your REAL PASSION.

The recording process is supposed to be FUN!

The worst part of DIY recording is that it's STRESSFUL! It's time consuming and expensive. Often, by the time you've figured out what you need to do for the day, you've already run out of time and have to delay your recording...again.

Altman Studios is already equipped with the highest quality equipment, hardware, and microphones. Our tracking rooms  are already treated for music production. Our engineers on staff are already highly knowledgeable and eager to apply that knowledge to your project.


Don't bang your head against a wall.

Let us de-stress the process!


Do you want good or GREAT?

There are a lot of 'studios' out there - anywhere you can record music is called a studio these days. However, you've probably discovered that not all studios are equal.


Tell me if you've experienced either of these situations:

Your friend has a home studio, so of course you're going to record with him! It's awesome to work with your buddy, but he's not an experienced pro, so the recording quality isn't quite what you want. Sometimes his equipment doesn't work. And it takes FOREVER. Sadly, after all your hard work and effort, the final product is just not the level of quality you wanted.

Or maybe you book a pro studio with amazing facilities where hundreds of great records were produced - but the engineer arrives and he's rude, controlling, inflexible, and unwilling to help you develop as an artist. It feels like he just wants to collect his check and leave. Sure, the sound is better than the home studio, but it's still not quite the vision you were hoping to achieve.


I hear these horror stories all the time. These situations leave you feeling discouraged and frustrated, sometimes making you just want to give up on your music altogether.

Don’t Let anything hold you back from your highest potential

Brian Altman - Bricks_edited_edited.jpg

The Mind Behind Altman Studios

Virtuoso guitarist and bassist, podcast producer, videographer, video editor, studio consultant, and live engineer. I took my first clients in 2015, went full time in audio/video in 2019, and in 2021 moved from a home studio and built my current facilities in Downtown Brentwood. 

I love seeing hope and optimism in people's eyes as we work together to make their vision a reality! Truthfully, that has always been my dream - making art with amazing people. Dreams come true!

If you're ready to work with me, click here. If you have questions, let's chat.

Why Choose Us?

Passionate, experienced, and helpful staff

 Great sounding rooms and pro equipment


 Convenient and safe location


One-stop-shop for production, mixing, and mastering

Creative Sanctuary

Altman Studios is a unique space designed purposely to make our artists feel comfortable and creative. We want you to feel at home, stress free, and stimulated so you can create your BEST music!


Altman Studios boasts a large live room, an isolation booth, and a comfortable control room - all with plenty of seating! When you're here, you can use any of our guitars, basses, synthesizers, microphones, analog gear, amplifiers, speakers, pedals, and or whatever else we have available! Be sure to let us know if you have any special requests so we can secure the necessary equipment in advance.

Safe & Convenient

Altman Studios is the only commercial studio in the delta area, offering exceptional recording experiences for our local musicians. We have a full kitchen, are located downtown with lots of parking, and we're close to many restaurants and stores. Everything you need is close by!

More Than Just A Studio:
We Are Your Biggest Supporters & Lifelong Friends

Captures Your Vibe &

Take Your Project To The Next Level


But Brian,
I still need help

Ok, let's chat!

Use the link below to get on my calendar and I'd be happy to help!

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